1. Login into your account here DASHBOARD 2. Click on My Wallet 3. Click on Withdrawal 4. If is your first withdrawal, go to Payment settings 5. By default, it is set on Bank transfer. Just leave it like that. 6. Fill the form you will see. - For Account name, enter your full name. - For account number, make sure you enter your correct Bitcoin or Ethereum receiving address, or your Payeer or Perfect Money wallet Number.. We will not bear any responsibility if you lose your money because of you entering a wrong address. - For Sort Code leave it empty - For Bank name, enter Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer or Perfect Money depending on the withdrawal address you have supplied. - For Routing number, IBAN and Swift code, leave them empty 7. Click Save changes 8. Then proceed with your withdrawal by entering the amount and clicking on Submit request. 9. Within 24 hours from the date of your withdrawal, you will receive your fund. 10. Withdrawal process and approval by our Accounting department takes 24 hours. If after 24 hours your withdrawal is still showing pending, contact us immediately.
YES! We have a Token called PCR. Here is the address:
This will be shared from time to time to our VIP MEMBERS which they can exchange. Contact us for more details.
1. In your TRUST WALLET, click on DApps the in the SEARCH BAR, type UNISWAP EXCHANGE. Click on it in the result. This will take you to the swapping interface. Search for PCR by using the identification address provided in QUESTION No1, then add it first. Secondly, search for USDT and add it too. Enter the PCR amount you wish to swap. Then approve it. That is it. PCR WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR TRUST WALLET ACCOUNT AND THE EQUIVALENT IN USDT WILL BE CREDITED. BUT NOTE THAT IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ETHEREUM IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO PAY FOR THE SWAPPING FEES. It works with Ethereum because PCR has been built on Ethereum Network. 2. The amount you will get will depend on the exchange rate on UNISWAP at that time. 3. You can also visit directly UNISWAP EXCHANGE to do the swapping.
If this process is too difficult for you, just enter your Bitcoin address while processing your withdrawal so that we can pay you directly in Bitcoin.
Kindly contact us through MAIL:
or WhatsApp CAHT:
+44 7575 760645