NOTE: Each Investment Plan last for 90 days and you can make multiple purchase.

The minimum to invest is $10 and the maximum is $2,000

Each day, you will be receiving a renewal notification from us through mail. Do not worry, you do not need to renew anything. We are doing the renewal for you daily. This is an internal reminder for us, to reintroduce your investment into our system as well as paying your returns.

  1. Invest!
  2. Receive instantly your first return into your USD Wallet. (This will continue daily for the next 90 days).
  3. Process withdrawal immediately.
  4. Receive your fund within 24 hours maximum and enjoy. 


  1. Earn daily commissions (Purchase Credit, 1% on the purchase of your direct and indirect referrals up to the 10th level) over the 90 days.

  2. BONUS REF10: Each time you count 10 referrals who each purchased a pack, you will be credited with $ 20.

Electronic Payment System accepted for deposits and withdrawals