Every deposit on this website is considered to be a private transaction between PropelCrypto CLUB and its member. PropelCrypto CLUB is not available to the general public and is opened only to members. Therefore, you must open a membership account before purchasing any Plan. As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof. We are not FCA insured. We are not a licensed bank or a security firm. Therefore, we are not regulated by any financial authority from any country.

It is your responsibility to determine whether involvement into a cryptocurrency transaction is legal in your country or not. PropelCrypto CLUB is not responsible for that. We are not also responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your cryptocurrency transactions or for collecting, reporting, withholding, or remitting any taxes arising from your cryptocurrency transactions with us. This is your sole responsibility.

Please do not purchase any Plan on this site if you are not comfortable with our system. But we can assure you that you will never regret it if you do.